• The TICA-SMARDT JV Global Strategic Press Conference and Central Channel Summit was held in Nanjing on February 22.

  • 2018

    Strategic Cooperation with Yanmar, and GHP product launched;
    JV Cooperation with biggest OFC company Smartd;
    Metro Station High Efficiency Cooling System in Guangzhou awarded with a leading position in the world;

  • 2017

    National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology manufacturing single champion incubator
    Publish Quality as a Clean Environment Brand Strategy
    The "2017 Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    TICA won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award for four consecutive years

  • 2016

    Establishment of a national postdoctoral research station
    A world-class, high-efficiency centrifugal chiller licensed by the American company Carrier was put on the market
    Merger of Pure Circle Low Temperature Power Company under United Technology Corporation of the United States
    TICA Thermal Energy Plant Establishment

  • 2015

    Has been rated as the National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center ISO1 Ultra-clean Environmental Integration System
    Won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology
    Establishment of the Osaka Institute of Japan
    TiICA established a global strategic joint venture with United Technology Corporation(UTC)

  • 2014

    The first multi-line production line in accordance with Japanese technology manufacturing and grading was completed
    Establishment of an enterprise hospital workstation
    The first company to complete the HCFC phase-out and become a demonstration company for the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Environmental Protection

  • 2013

    Won the National 001 green industrial building three-star certification
    Evaluation of the testing centre through the National Accreditation Commission(CNAS)
    TICA became the first domestic central air-conditioning brand to receive Eurovent certification

  • 2010

    Guangzhou Factory Establishment

  • 2008

    Recognized by high-tech enterprises

  • 2002

    Tianjin Factory Establishment

  • 1999

    The first manufacturing plant was established in Nanjing

  • 1998

    First patented invention of AHU with labyrinth structure