Modular Water Cooled Chiller


High-efficiency flexible scroll compressor has small clearance volume and high operation efficiency

High-efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger ensures efficient operation of the unit

Refrigeration accessories are of international brand to provide reliable performance and high control accuracy

Modular unit in flexible combination is easy to install and construct

Advanced microcomputer control system provides perfect protection function

Rain shield is optional, which is dust and rain-proof and reduces the unit noise

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling only: 372 ~ 1782 kW

Heat pump: 429 ~ 1888 kW (refrigeration); 442 ~ 1965 kW (heating)

Leading: Cooling only: 371 ~ 1780 kW


Including three categories: purification type AHUs, air-cooled cabinet type thermostatic and humidistatic AHUs and volume-variable direct expansion fresh air handling units;Applicable to air conditioning and purification areas of tens to thousands of square meters in pharmaceutical factories, medical treatment and public health, biological engineering, food and drink industry