Air Cooled Screw Chiller


Semi-hermetic screw compressor of international famous brand provides safe and reliable operation

Air-side inverted “M”-shaped heat exchanger and unique process design improve the distribution of airflow rate, and greatly increase the efficiency and defrosting performance

Water-side heat exchanger of patented counter-current design combined with efficient internal-thread heat exchange tube can increase the heat exchange efficiency by 20%~30%

Electronic expansion valve of dual overheat control combined with high-accuracy sensor can improve the operation efficiency of unit

Modular design allows relatively independent operation of individual modules and networking control

Compact structure and small footprint help to greatly save installation cost

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling only: 372 ~ 1782 kW

Heat pump: 429 ~ 1888 kW (refrigeration); 442 ~ 1965 kW (heating)

Leading: Cooling only: 371 ~ 1780 kW


Including three categories: purification type AHUs, air-cooled cabinet type thermostatic and humidistatic AHUs and volume-variable direct expansion fresh air handling units;Applicable to air conditioning and purification areas of tens to thousands of square meters in pharmaceutical factories, medical treatment and public health, biological engineering, food and drink industry