TICA Transcritical CO2 heat pumps, which is JV cooperating with MAYEKAWA.
Basic Specifications
  • Hot water supplied: +65 or 90℃
  • Heating Capacity: 80kW
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): 4.2
  • Weight (kg): 1,344 (net) / 1,359 (operating)
  • Dimensions (mm): W1,250 × L1,900 × H2,082


  • Environmentally friendly: No burning of fuel is involved and NOx or CO2 emitted.
  • Highly powerful, but compact: Only 2.4m2 space is required for installation.
  • Large range in feed water pressure: 0.15 MPa/21.8 psi up to 0.49 MPa/69.6 psi pressure is acceptable as feed water to Eco Cute.
  • Low running cost: Utilization of off peak electricity generates 60% of reduction on running cost.
  • Re-Circulation heating possible: The water in the tank can be kept heater-less constantly over 60℃, eliminating any risk of Legionnaire's Disease.
  • High safety: Absent of combustion units and fuel storage.




Including three categories: purification type AHUs, air-cooled cabinet type thermostatic and humidistatic AHUs and volume-variable direct expansion fresh air handling units;Applicable to air conditioning and purification areas of tens to thousands of square meters in pharmaceutical factories, medical treatment and public health, biological engineering, food and drink industry