ORC purecycle system


UTC brings advanced core technologies of large-scale centrifuge, screw machine, low-temperature cogeneration system(ORC) to TICA, which makes TICA centrifugal technology be 20 years ahead of domestic market and 30 years in low-temperature cogeneration market. Meanwhile, both parties will integrate the global networks to start a new international market pattern.

TICA has introduced all the intellectual properties of core units and system integration of PureCycle form UTC, including
more than 50 invention patents and over 20 copyrights, over 30 patents in application procedure presently, covering more than
20 countries and regions. Currently TICA has already possessed the complete intellectual property rights of PureCycle power
generation technology.



Including three categories: purification type AHUs, air-cooled cabinet type thermostatic and humidistatic AHUs and volume-variable direct expansion fresh air handling units;Applicable to air conditioning and purification areas of tens to thousands of square meters in pharmaceutical factories, medical treatment and public health, biological engineering, food and drink industry