Cascade low temperature unit


Featured by modular design, convenient maintenance, multi-level perfect protection and microcomputer-based intelligent control;

Realizing multi-level energy adjustment, energy conservation, high efficiency, reliable performance, stable operation and zero noise;

Provided with an enlarged heat exchange area, and ensuring wide-range operation, intelligent defrosting, low-temperature heating and year-round cooling.

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling only: 372 ~ 1782 kW

Heat pump: 429 ~ 1888 kW (refrigeration); 442 ~ 1965 kW (heating)

Leading: Cooling only: 371 ~ 1780 kW


Including three categories: purification type AHUs, air-cooled cabinet type thermostatic and humidistatic AHUs and volume-variable direct expansion fresh air handling units;Applicable to air conditioning and purification areas of tens to thousands of square meters in pharmaceutical factories, medical treatment and public health, biological engineering, food and drink industry